The Clavey Road Improvement Project construction is ongoing and making good progress despite the delays caused at the start of the project due to utility conflicts. One key item of work to be completed in 2021 Contract 1 is the construction and opening of the new bridge over the Skokie River by year end. From April to July, the contractor ran into delays with North Shore Gas and ComEd utilities conflicts. The ComEd lines were also required to be de-energized for the safe operation of the crane during bridge construction. The weather allso played a role in the number of days of slow work or no work. We anticipate close to 16 weeks of delay on the completion of the bridge. To make up the time, the contractor has and will continue to work 10 to 12 hour weekdays and also on Saturdays. The additional personnel and Saturday work helped gain four weeks on the delayed schedule. We anticipate continuing the bridge work through the winter months into 2022. The temporary one-lane traffic signal at the bridge will be in use through the winter months to maintain one-lane traffic through the bridge construction work zone. The signal will be removed and two lanes of traffic will be re-established when construciton the bridge is completed in early 2022, barring any major weather delays.


As you are aware, the Clavey Rd Improvements Project is split into two construction contracts. Contract 1 is currently on-going and is anticipated to be completed in early spring of 2022. The City is working with IDOT and the contractor to be on track with this completion date for Contract 1.


On Nov 5, 2021, IDOT opened bids for Contract 2. IDOT received a total of eight bids and the two lowest bidders were $1million over the estimate. The bid prices for Contract 2 were 12.5% higher than the estimate. IDOT allows up to 10% over the bid price as a reasonable bid. Upon evaluating the bid items, the primary reason for increased prices is the cost of steel and the uncertainty of construction materials supply in 2022. With Contract 2 lasting more than a year and the on-going supply chain issues continuing in 2022, the contractors raised their bid prices in anticipation of higher fuel prices in 2022 and long lead times for procurement of construction materials. With both Lake County DOT and IDOT informing City of no additional federal funding available to cover the higher than expected bid prices for Contract 2 and with IDOT acknowledging the bid prices as not within a reasonable approximation of the estimate, City plans to re-bid Contract 2. The re-bid Contract 2, scheduled for bid opening in Mar 2022, will be based on value engineering of certain high bid items without compromising the scope of Contract 2 namely installation of storm sewers, reconstruction of roadway pavement, traffic safety enhancements, or installation of the bike-path on south side of road. The re-engineered Contract 2 bid items will not alter the overall design of the project rather involve altering the construction methodologies. City is hopeful on securing re-bid Contract 2 project cost to be closer to the estimate with minor overages to be covered with Lake County DOT or IDOT, if possible. Also, with the completion of Contract 1 in spring 2022, and commencement of Contract 2 in June of 2022, there should be minimal gap of no work being done between the two contracts. And with major utility conflicts resolved in Contract 1, City does not anticipate delays to start Contract 2 and expect substantial completion by summer of 2023. The re-bid of Contract 2 will delay completion of project by a month or so, original Contract 2 substantial completion was expected in May/June 2023 and with the re-bid Contract 2, the completion is expected in Aug 2023. The landscaping and minor punch-list items will follow in fall 2023. During Contract 2, the traffic pattern will be two-lane roadway with one lane for each direction including over the new bridge. No temporary signal light will be required and also full access to Aspen-Larkspur neighborhood will be maintained.


City will continue to provide updates on Contract 1 during the winter months with any on-going work and will communicate with affected residents on any road closures. In addition, City will update the residents on details of Contract 2 upon opening of bids and securing a start date. For additional details on the project, please visit project-specific website


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