Will the bridge that carries Clavey Road be able to carry traffic during construction?

Yes. The Clavey Road bridge is inspected on a regular basis as mandated by State of Illinois. The inspection reports ensure the bridge is in a safe condition to carry vehicular and pedestrian traffic. During the construction the bridge will continue to be inspected to accommodate both vehicular and pedestrian traffic safely, especially for the one-lane temporary configuration. As noted in the FAQ, a temporary traffic signal will control traffic across the one-lane Clavey Rd bridge during construction. The signal will be actuated which means it will detect when a vehicle needs to cross the bridge and will provide the green light to safely cross the bridge. The opposing traffic will be held to a red light to ensure conflicting movements do not occur simultaneously. The bridge is designed to hold traffic during back up on the bridge. In addition, the temporary signal light on the one-lane bridge will be equipped with an Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) system to ensure emergency responders are given priority.