Why is the City considering a two-lane roadway during construction instead of a one-lane roadway with detours?

Clavey Road is a major east-west route in the City, used by many motorists and pedestrians. While the one-way traffic option could reduce construction time and project costs, it eliminates the westbound traffic on a significant portion of Clavey Road for a long duration and would cause a major inconvenience to the motoring public. At the public meeting on July 30, 2019, residents and entities residing in the area and using Clavey Road on a daily basis expressed concerns with the one-way traffic and the long detour routes. Also, a one-direction traffic flow pattern is not as safe as a two-way traffic flow. Public safety responders have expressed concerns on traffic backups with one-way traffic. The one-way traffic plan would also impact visitors heading to Ravinia Festival grounds causing major backups on the detoured routes. Maintaining a two-way traffic flow is estimated to cost an additional $1,600,000. This figure is a preliminary estimate based on a limited study conducted by the City’s design consultant. The cost will be reviewed after IDOT provides the City with approval to initiate final engineering. The additional cost will be grant funded, and, as such, the City’s share will be limited to 20% of costs or $320,000 if approved by IDOT.