Why is the 8’ asphalt multi-use path on the south side of Clavey instead of the north side?

As part of the planning process, the City explored installing the proposed 8-ft multi-use path on both the north and south side of Clavey. The elevation difference between the roadway and parkway area to the north is significant enough that any multi-use path installation requires a retaining wall, and the retaining wall would not allow for the path to be ADA accessible. In addition, if the path was on the north side, the Clavey Road bridge would need to be shifted southwards thereby creating an alignment concern for the entire Clavey Road corridor area. The parkway area would also be reduced between the bridge and the multi-use path.  Lastly, placing the walk on the north side entails extending the right-of-way onto private property and removal of private trees. Currently, there is a 5’ sidewalk on the south side and expanding this to an 8’ multi-use path will provide connectivity to Skokie Valley Trail on the west side and the Green Bay Trail on the east side.