Why can’t Clavey Rd. be widened by 8 feet and have the sidewalk be kept as-is?

The construction of a separate 8-ft multi-use path is in line with City-approved BikeWalk HP2030 Plan whereby a safe pathway is provided for recreational bicyclist or pedestrians. Currently, there is a 5’ sidewalk on the south side. With an 8-ft separate bike path, separate from the roadway, a connection is provided to two major bike trails on either side of project limits, Skokie Valley Bike Trail on the west side and the Robert McClory Bike Path (Green Bay Trail) on the east side and connection to Green Bay Road, a major arterial street to access Ravinia Festival.

Clavey Road is a major east-west roadway with a posted speed limit of 35 mph and few driveways or streets intersecting the street. For such long stretches of roadway, with no driveways to the north, a separate pathway for multi-users such as bicyclists and pedestrians increases safety. In addition, a bridge exists on this stretch of roadway whereby pedestrians/bicyclists and motorists are to be separated. Providing a separate multi-use path, similar to other bike-pedestrian paths in the City, ensures the safety of all traffic. Recently, the City completed a multi-use path on the north side of Walker Avenue from Highwood City limits to the west to Oak Street to the east.