What is the project schedule and project specifications?

The City received approval from IDOT in November 2019 to start Phase II Final Engineering. City posted the plans on the website in March 2020 to seek public feedback on the plans. Thank you all for providing the comments. The project is scheduled tentatively to be on IDOT’s November 2020 letting with construction anticipated to begin early spring 2021. Due to Covid-19 crisis, it is possible the letting will be delayed. We will send an update upon receiving notification. Please continue to sign up to receive information pertaining to this project by sending an email to engineering@cityhpil.com.

The following standard specifications and guidelines are used to prepare bid documents for a FHWA and IDOT grant funded projects: 1) Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction; 2) Supplemental Specifications and Recurring Special Provisions; 3) State Standard Drawings; 4) District One Details; 5) Bureau of Design and Environment Manual (BDE); 6) Bureau of Local Roads and Streets Manual (BLRS); 7) Project specific Special Provisions (to be developed during final engineering); 8) Bureau of Design and Environment (BDE) Special Provisions; 9) IDOT Bridge Manual; 10) Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).