How many trees will be removed during the project?

The decision to remove trees is not something the City takes lightly. The City has been a Tree City USA for 39 years which is a testament to our high standards for tree preservation, investment, maintenance and care. The Clavey Road Project will entail the removal of 148 trees of various sizes or species (79 trees for the reconstruction of the road and 69 for the additional lane during construction). No Heritage, Grove or Oak trees are planned to be removed. The removal of the trees is balanced with the consideration to provide two lanes of traffic for public safety purposes and to manage the traffic flow along this major corridor in our community.

City Forester Dr. Keith O’Herrin evaluated all trees considered for removal and found nearly all to be small and young/juvenile trees. The large old oak trees in front of Kennedy Park will be preserved. Upon completion of construction, the City will beautify the corridor by replacing the former trees with new large shade tree species, ornamental trees such as crabapple and Japanese tree lilac, and native shrubs and prairie wildflowers.