How long will construction last?

Due to federal funding constraints the construction will occur in two separate contracts.  The first contract is referenced as Phase One Construction.  The second contract is referenced as Phase Two Construction.

Phase One Construction is anticipated to begin in April of 2021. Major items of work in Phase One Construction include the new bridge over the Skokie River, New Ductile Iron Water Main, and temporary pavement to be used in the Phase Two Construction Contract.  Completion of the Phase One Construction is anticipated for the fall of 2021.

The Phase Two Construction contracts is currently scheduled for an IDOT bid opening on November 5, 2021.  Work should begin in the spring of 2022.  Major items of work include construction of the new storm sewers, new concrete curbs and new full-depth asphalt pavement on Clavey Road.  Completion of the Phase Two Construction is anticipated for the fall of 2022.

There will be a winter shut down period between Phase One and Phase Two Construction. The project may be delayed due to Covid-19 and unpredictable variables such as weather or any unforeseen site conditions. The City will ensure that every effort is made to keep construction moving forward in an expeditious manner while still providing a quality product to last for years to come.  The construction timeline takes into account various stages of construction including constructing a two-lane roadway during construction during construction, a one-lane temporary signal at Clavey Road Bridge, impact to the parkway area, relocation of utility poles and other pertinent factors.